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About the Organization

KALLPOOSH FOUNDATION (KF) is an impact-focused social, Section 8 Non-Profitable, Non-Commercial Organization initiated by enthusiastic and committed personality of India. It was founded by Veena Wanchoo a social activist along with likeminded companions who want to promote holistic development of the marginalized people of the remotest areas. KF upholds a national status executing grass root level programs for people and planet protection. KF aspires to create equal opportunities for marginalized and vulnerable communities, particularly those who have been exploited and unable to uplift themselves in the rural areas. KF wish to bring them out from the clutches of poverty, ignorance, ill health and social suppression.

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KALLPOOSH FOUNDATION is a Section 8 Non-Profit Company limited by Shares. It is registered with Registrar of Companies, Delhi on Jun 6, 2018.

Current Status of Kallpoosh Foundation is Active.

It is a Non-govt company with an Authorized Capital of ' 1,00,000 (One Lakh Indian Rupees) and Paid Up Capital of ' 1,00,000 (One Lakh Indian Rupees).

There are 2 Directors associated with Kallpoosh Foundation.

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KALLPOOSH FOUNDATION (KF) is a Section 8 Company licensed under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 and registered for not-for profit purposes. The Company has been formed for promoting social welfare, religion, charity, commerce, art, science, research, sports, education, protection of the environment and other objects etc. The Foundation being registered under the Centre's Ministry of Corporate Affairs has an additional trust and credibility. The KF is being supported by professionals from various fields. The profits or other income of the KF is being deployed for promoting only the objects of the Company.

kallpoosh Foundation (KF)

KF requests your Organization for funding a suitable amount

KF believes that improvement of under-developed and under-privileged rural communities is largely related with augmenting the capability of vulnerable groups of rural society. Like women, scheduled caste / tribes, poor students and other marginalized groups. Knowing the fact that most of these groups are uneducated, unaware of their legal and constitutional rights and living in the most desolate condition. Change was with focus on two resolutions (a) educating of rural people about their social economic and political rights and (b) bringing positive and long change in the lives of rural people through implementing various socio-economic welfare programs.


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